Many of the residents in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood are elderly and on fixed incomes. There are no grocery stores within a mile from the garden. Public transportation is inadequate for residents who don't have another form of mobility. This is why our work is vital. We provide much needed fresh, healthy fruits, vegetables, and herbs right here in our own neighborhood.


The founder and Executive Director of Brooklyn Heights Community Garden (BHCG)

Nella "Ms. Pearl" Frierson, has always been able to take a little and create plenty. Ms. Pearl, a grandmother of 6, grew up in south Nashville public housing. In 1998, after her 5 daughters had grown up and gone off on their own, she moved to Brooklyn Heights. Ms. Pearl had the vision for Brooklyn Heights Community Garden over a decade ago. In 2009, she bought 1833 & 1835 Haynes St, which at the time were vacant lots across the street from her home. In 2019, she bought the house next to the garden to use as a work-housing space for garden workers, interns, artists, etc. In total, BHCG is approximately .3 acres of formerly vacant city lots. BHCG is registered with the USDA Farm Service Agency as an urban farm.

With the help of family, neighbors, and friends, Ms. Pearl birthed Brooklyn Heights Community Garden in 2011. The creation of this garden stemmed from a deep need for the community to get back to its roots of connection between our elders and our young people to rebuild and reconstruct self­-awareness, self-pride, and self-esteem. BHCG provides team building opportunities and promotes the teaching of sustainability and healthy living through nurturing plants and human beings.


Ms. Pearl has a Permaculture Design Certificate from Earth Activist Training and has worked with groups such as the Girl Scouts, FUGE Christian summer camp for youth, Ladies of Echelon dance troupe, Recycle and Reinvest, the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, GROW Enrichment, Howard Congregational UCC Church, Living Roots Compost Tea, Permaculture Action Network, and American Baptist College.

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1830 Haynes Street

Nashville, TN 37207




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