Job: 2021 Farm Manager

Part Time/Seasonal 20 hrs/wk

Pay: $20/hr

June-October 2021

Description The Farm Manager will develop and manage all aspects of the Brooklyn Heights Community Garden/Urban Farm production fields including growing organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs; identifying and selling in local markets and on-site; managing farm interns and working with volunteers; and speaking to public groups that frequent the farm for educational days.

This position requires a strong, practical knowledge of agricultural skills and farm management, and a passionate commitment to food sovereignty and food justice. The manager has primary responsibility for the planning, coordination and implementation of all production garden work and activities.

Responsibilities/Activities Duties include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  1. Supervision of farm interns and volunteers (patiently and respectfully)

  2. Coordination with Administrative Assistant:​

  3. Produce annual field plans

  4. Create and Maintain BHCG’s standards of production to ensure the highest quality produce

  5. Maintain farm infrastructure and landscape with the help of interns and volunteers

  6. Cooperate with community partners

  7. Seed ordering and material acquisition

  8. Planning and implementation of weekly planting schedule

  9. Insect and weed control, fertility monitoring, and general field observation

  10. Cultivation activities

  11. Infrastructure planning, creation, and maintenance

  12. Irrigation planning and implementation

  13. Soil building program including composting

  14. Plan weekly harvest schedule, harvest, market 

  15. Participate in planning for long-term farm development

  16. Some evening or special event hours may be required


Minimum Qualifications & Requirements

(Desired but not required. Candidates with a passion to learn are encouraged to apply): 

  1. Experience working in a team environment with proven leadership skills

  2. Demonstrated ability to work independently

  3. Demonstrated good organizational and record keeping skills

  4. Demonstrated clear and open communication skills

  5. Demonstrated farm planning experience and working knowledge of farm infrastructure

  6. Minimum two years experience of full-season management

  7. Experience in growing using organic/biodynamic principles

  8. Experience working with farm tools & machinery 

  9. Basic carpentry skills

  10. Good interpersonal skills

  11. Interest in working with youth and intergenerational programs

  12. The physical requirements of this position include the ability to lift, stand and walk for moderate periods of time; Able to work in the field, outdoor classroom and office including hard repetitive physical work

  13. Current driver’s license

  14. Must have your own transportation

Email with your resume and cover letter to apply.